Tourcation '99

by Captain and Jack

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released September 10, 2011



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Captain and Jack Nashville, Tennessee

Captain and Jack is a Punk/Post-Hardcore four piece spread out around the surrounding areas of Nashville. Starting out as a solo project by Zach Hall, this band quickly grew into a full lineup due to the popularity of the first demo of "Back to Basics" around their hometown. With one seven song EP, one split, and new EP scheduled to release this spring, Captain and Jack has big plans for 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Tom, Tom Ace
The power's off on the stereo and I've never felt so shallow

These city lights keep growing dimmer, but I can't seem to fall asleep

There's thirty miles to go, so throw the damn GPS out of the window

I think we know where we are going, cause we're coming home.

A town that's built around hypocrisy and misery, I grow to miss it everyday that I'm away

It would be a shame to call a place like this home if it wasn't for the friends and memories we made

I miss this place every day that I'm away

It's all because of our friends and the enemies we've made
Track Name: Assistant TO the Regional Manager
About the feelings and the loose ends you left untied in my brain

They'll pass along, and every second that passes will help to ease the pain

Sitting on the edge of reality, it's keeping me out of sync with the everyday

As they tend to get harder and the nights get longer, in an attempt to make the image of you fade away

Karma comes around and kicks you to the ground

While all I do is sit and think

Dwelling on the things that you did to me (did to me) and she said...

"I'm just waiting for the day that you'll come crawling back to me."

But I'll be gone.

You're nothing more than a single drop in this torrential rain

Just a fucking extra, not even in the screenplay

Karma comes around and knocks you right into the ground.

Just face the facts, turn around and drive yourself home

In the car I hope this song rings clear in to your ears

I hope I never leave your head while you're stuck in the rain

Karma comes around and hits you to the ground

While all I do is sit and think

Dwelling on the things that you did to me and I'll be gone

I'll be gone.