by Captain and Jack

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released April 24, 2012

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by our great friend Jordan Casey.



all rights reserved


Captain and Jack Nashville, Tennessee

Captain and Jack is a Punk/Post-Hardcore four piece spread out around the surrounding areas of Nashville. Starting out as a solo project by Zach Hall, this band quickly grew into a full lineup due to the popularity of the first demo of "Back to Basics" around their hometown. With one seven song EP, one split, and new EP scheduled to release this spring, Captain and Jack has big plans for 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Wild Hogs
Say what you want to say through the grapevine cause no one's listening
A cruel tongue with no regards of restraining
I must have missed the memo on how to treat your "friends"
These backs must seem rather fragile
Giving the impression you can walk all over
Place yourself on this pedestal of chance

All of these insults pass right over me
Cause they can't be repeated to my face
It's hard to take some people seriously (when we can see)
Who's a true friend and who's a fake


This is getting old.
Take a look at yourself and all the friends you never kept
They took their leave, like us, with a knife in our backs

I'm not one to deal with confrontation
So I'll just let it all keep building up
I'm not one to deal with confrontation
So maybe I'll just give it up
Track Name: Man Hands
I've been thinking about all the things you say and have said
And I can't say I agree with you
Keep pushing all those witty words on the ones you call your friends
I can guarantee at the rate you're going that there will be no amends

This conversation is unnecessary
With the lines you see no shame in expressing
Although you may show a heart of gold
I figured out the fool's worth

I've been thinking about all the things you say and have said
And I can't say I agree with you

So contradict outside from inside
You can't deceive me through your eyes, not this time
It needs to be shown, the truth that I know
This mold of filth that grows

I bet you feel so tall with those looks that carry you through the day
I'd hate to feel so small when you finally realize that this all you'll ever have

What makes you think you're better than any of us?
You're just a coward hiding behind a false charm
What makes you think you're better than any of us?
You're just a coward who doesn't consider the benefit of anyone but yourself
Track Name: Tom Ace
The power's off on the stereo and I've never felt so shallow

These city lights keep growing dimmer, but I can't seem to fall asleep

There's thirty miles to go, so throw the damn GPS out of the window

I think we know where we are going, cause we're coming home.

A town that's built around hypocrisy and misery, I grow to miss it everyday that I'm away

It would be a shame to call a place like this home if it wasn't for the friends and memories we made

I miss this place every day that I'm away

It's all because of our friends and the enemies we've made
Track Name: My Side of the Story
You did this to yourself at the end of September
You bear the mark of a coward and it shows your true colors
I've sat here long enough to let you change their minds
So here's my side of the story

And it begins, another night in town with all my friends
Doing my best to keep you off of my mind
I'll pretend that what you said, it didn't affect me at all
Walking these streets with this fake smile won't last me very long

Just tell me what's going through your head
So I can lay this to rest

As minutes turn to hours since I last heard your voice
I guess I'll keep my distance seeing as I don't really have a choice
Emotions ran high, is it too much for you to handle?
I'm just trying to help fill that fucking hole inside

I've been pacing in circles for far too long
(Head buried into my pockets)
While you're on a bender again getting fucked up with your "so called" friends
As you took your last hit did you think about me at all?
As you took my hand and said I love you, did you even mean it at all?

Just tell me what's going through your head
So I can lay this to rest
Track Name: Transitions (feat. Tim Casey, Cory Castro, and Ryan Rado)
When did I become this economical slave bound to these codes?
A tiny fragment to this world
A loosened outlook changed by the way it grows
But no one knows that I can do this on my own

This city that brought me from a child to a man
Sends me off on my own with no regards to have my back
Feeling lost in the tides of this body that's pulling me in
I prefer to learn along the way than to be stuck where I began

That's just the way it goes when these transitions unfold
I wish that I could remember when my imagination turned into this realization
That I might never turn out exactly what I brought myself up to be
A mind that's aching under the pressure of responsibilities held after
It works on climbing over the matter in hopes that this life will get better

I'll learn to cope with these transitions
I'll never rest until they ease up